Croatia Destination Elopement




After eternal hours of conversation in idea-making, friends, Nina Blečić, better known as Pixy With Love, and I have decided to “finally” realize our long-planned idea for a styled shoot. After a short call from my future clients Helena, originally Croatian, and her fiance Dan, we decided to implement our wishes into their destination elopement. They soon came to visit Croatia from faraway Canada. As an overture to their soon-to-be wedding on the island of Hvar, an atmospheric engagement photo was created.

Nina and I, both restless spirits with a great will to explore, decided to find a location.

The main goal of the location was to bring together more elements; the sea where the couple would soon get married, the mountain they associate with the land they came from, Canada, and the open horizon for the beautiful shots. In fact, the point was to show how magical Croatia is and how many opportunities are giving to us. The decision fell to a “wild” location, a windy rocky mountain that fits perfectly into the overall mood of the shoot.

The design was determined by the location itself. The beautiful autumn season, the dry grass and branches, the color of Helena’s wedding dress, determined the direction in which the scene design evolved. Soft beige and brown colors combined with bold shades of blue and pink made the perfect contrast. The table itself was made on natural stones that jutted out of the ground in perfect places. Nina stacked the wedding bouquet on a dry branch that was picked there, evolving, combining the “wildness” of the location and the gentle side of the bride’s arch. Inspired by the branch, Nina continued her decoration on cake and napkin decoration, which blended perfectly with the location.

The point of our story is that everyone is their own unique individual, a person, a couple. Each location has its own charm and specialty. That is why everyone needs special attention to highlight the best and the most beautiful in them. That’s why each of our weddings, destination elopement, or engagement is a special story to tell. See for yourself in these beautiful photos…


Martina is my very good friend. She is photographer with bigest enthusiasam I’ve ever met. Beautiful locations and deiferent weddings make her so happy. She is the best ! ♡


My dear Nina, thank you so much <3

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